Pax Dei Limestone: Where to find it and how to collect it?

News tip Limestone Pax Dei: Where to find it and how to collect it?

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On Pax Dei, resource farming will be what will take up almost all of your time. The problem is that it’s sometimes going to be difficult to get your hands on certain resources. In this article, for example, we help you get your hands on limestone, or limestone in original language.

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Before looking for limestone, build a pickaxe

In Pax Dei, you will often have resources at the start of your adventure that will not particularly require tools to harvest them. But for some, it’s a must if you ever want to get it and the pickaxe is particularly very important.

For limestone, you don’t necessarily need a pickaxe. In fact, it can be found on the ground. However, we still strongly advise you to craft one. This will allow you to farm the deposits you come across more easily.

For this, you will need the Basic Carpenters workbench if you don’t already have it. Thanks to the latter, you will have access to a whole bunch of new recipes including the one that will interest us here, the recipe for the pickaxe or Stone pickaxe in original version.

To build it, you will then need 2 long wood stock and 1 gneiss. We have left you the names of the elements to be assembled in the original for greater clarity, the French version being currently absent from the game. Also note that this craft requires level 5 in Carpentry.

Where to find limestone on Pax Dei?

Now that you have your pickaxe, all that remains is to attack the limestone on Pax Dei. You should know that like many resources, limestone can appear almost anywhere on the game map. However, it has preferential spawn areas.

Concretely, you will have to go to rather rocky areas. They are easily recognizable on the map by their brown or white color. Don’t go too far into the mountains, that’s not necessarily where you’ll find the most.

The preferred limestone spawning area on Pax Dei is typically at the foot of the latter. You will then see white rocks. They are not always that visible, the color ultimately being quite close to that of classic rock.

However, after a while, you will be able to quite easily tell the difference and spot them from quite a distance. Once in front, simply take out your pickaxe and you will only have to harvest the limestone or limestone and bring it back to your camp.

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