Pay with your mobile, only 19% of French people use this function

According to a study, 19% of French people use their smartphone as a credit card, while the vast majority of French banks are compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Paylib. 98% use a traditional bank card and 86% use the contactless function. A direct consequence of the health crisis and the generalization of compatible terminals.

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France is a country where habits are hard to take and also hard to break. Take the example of Minitel. While the other countries that launched a commercial Videotex service abandoned this system for the Internet, France maintained its use until 2012. And in an area as sensitive as banking, habits are even harder to change. The PanoraBanques comparative site publishes an annual study by the Poll&Roll institute on the payment habits of French people.

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And the 2022 vintage shows, as in 2021, that it takes radical events, such as a global epidemic, to cause real changes in consumption. This is the case of contactless payment, adopted by 86% of the French, against 79% in the previous barometer. Note that 98% of our fellow citizens hold a payment card (half of which are conventional Visa or Mastercard).

The French pay more with a check than their smartphone

But, despite this epidemic, means of payment with contact, such as cash or checks, continue. Near’one in four French people still uses checks (with an annual average of 6 checks issued per French). And each French person makes an average of 1.5 cash withdrawals from an ATM per month. In addition, 15% of French people prefer to go to a branch to make transfers, rather than on their phone application or on the Internet.

Conversely, paying contactless with your mobile is a step that the French continue to refuse. We made this observation two years ago. And we still continue today. According to the barometer, only 19% of French people have acquired this reflex, while many smartphones are compatible and Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paylib are compatible with the vast majority of banks. The study indicates that this percentage has nevertheless increased by two points in one year. It is obviously the younger generations (18 to 34 years old) who adopt it the most (26%).

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