PayPal: Malware is after your money

Anyone who regularly sends money via PayPal should be particularly careful at the moment: As the Bochum-based IT security company G Data reports in its in-house blog, malware is currently circulating in relevant hacker forums that can manipulate payments made via the service. The program called “Allcome” infiltrates the part of the Windows operating system that is responsible for the clipboard. This makes it possible for scammers to automatically replace the e-mail address you copied with that of the attacker. If you unsuspectingly send money to a friend or acquaintance, it will end up with the scammers.

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Address exchange: How to recognize the scam!

According to the information available, the malware works with both conventional currencies and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether & Co. And the makers of the program are likely to be targeting coins in particular: Because the recipient addresses of the digital currencies usually only consist of a string of letters and numbers, so most users copy them for convenience. If the criminals change the address, this is usually only noticed after the money has been sent. Accordingly, the security experts at G Data advise paying more attention to the correctness of the recipient.

Allcome: Not only PayPal affected

Incidentally, this also applies to other services. According to the researchers from G Data, the malware can in principle also be used in connection with other offers. The experts cite the Steam gaming platform as an example of this, where the malware can already manipulate the retail offer URLs.

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