PayPal phishing: This scam steals your identity


With a recent phishing campaign, cybercriminals are going one step further and not only want to steal your PayPal login data, but also your identity.

Phishing is being carried out on behalf of PayPal. (Source: PayPal)

The target of phishing emails is usually bank, login or other personal data. If you turn to the right contact person, you can prevent abuse quite well. The situation is different with a current phishing mass. In this case, scammers use PayPal as an excuse to steal your entire identity.

The criminals choose a legitimate WordPress site for distribution and install a file management plugin. You can use this to upload the phishing kit. The real page is thus bypassed and you end up on a supposed PayPal page. There you will be asked to log in and then your attention will be drawn to unusual activity in your account. On behalf of PayPal, the scammers point out that you must provide additional personal data, such as name, address and telephone number, to ensure your security.

According to Akamai security experts, this is how the criminals gradually obtain your credit card information, your PIN, social security number, email login information, and finally a photo of you to confirm your identity.

With all this data, criminals can open bank accounts, take out loans, launder money, and more in your name. PayPal would never request such information. No matter who asks you for confidential information, never pass it on naively. Identity theft can also be carried out in other ways. We’ll show you if you’re affected.

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