Pcresse, Zemmour and Le Maire specify their proposals

The presidential candidates Valrie Pcresse and Eric Zemmour, as well as the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire clarified Tuesday during a debate their intentions on the reduction of production taxes for the next five-year term.

Candidate LR has linked the continuation of the reduction in these taxes to the reduction of the public debt. We have a real subject today of reducing deficits, reducing the debt and therefore reducing public spending in return for lower production taxes, she said to an audience of entrepreneurs brought together by the Movement of intermediate-sized companies (Meti), FranceInvest and CroissancePlus.

I will start by removing the C3S, which is an absurd tax on turnover, and then I will remove the social package on participation and profit-sharing, and the 20% contribution on free or performance shares, promised Valrie Pcresse.

But for the production taxes which concern local authorities – I am thinking of the CFE and the CVAE (contribution on the added value of companies, editor’s note) – we can only lower them when the actual reduction in expenditure allows us to do so, – she continued. It means that there will be a time lag, we must first launch the reduction in public spending, added the candidate.

The Mayor’s Options

Bruno Le Maire, who came to defend the results of President Emmanuel Macron, put three reform options on the table, while warning that they could not be carried out at the same time to be compatible with the restoration of public finances. He said he was in favor of our going to the end of the abolition of the CVAE as well as the abolition of the C3S, which only concerns companies with more than 19 million euros in turnover.

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He also said he was ready to reflect on an exemption from charges for wages above 2.5 Smic, because on the one hand we cannot say we want to continue industrializing and on the other to say that the wages most penalized by employers’ contributions will be the most qualified, ie industrial wages.

Free zones for Zemmour

Finally, the far-right candidate Eric Zemmour also pleaded for the abolition of the CVAE and the C3S as a priority, while wanting to establish free zones where companies would pay neither production taxes nor corporate taxes. for five years following their installation.

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