Pearl Skin: This is the secret of this 2024 beauty trend

Pearl Skin
This is behind the beauty trend of 2024

A model shows off glossy makeup during the Antonio Marras show in Milan.

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With this method, radiant shine and a hydrated finish are guaranteed! We explain what’s behind the popular Pearl Skin.

Mystical like the shimmering moon, graceful like a shiny pearl! No, we’re not talking about ornate jewelry, but rather about the skin’s own finish. Fans of glowy skin are guaranteed to get their money’s worth here, because this beauty trend not only ensures that we care for our skin, but also makes it shine.

Pearl Skin: This is behind the beauty trend

It is the symbiosis of highlighting and care that leaves our skin with a shimmering glow. Pearl Skin refers to a radiant complexion that is as hydrated and shiny as the shimmer of a pearl.

These steps are essential

1. The right preparation

To get over yourself Pearl skin look To be happy, some important steps in skin care and makeup are essential. Before we get started, the skin needs to be cleaned thoroughcleaned and be freed from dandruff and impurities. This means that the skin can breathe freely in no time and is also prepared for the subsequent care steps. Tip: Use a peeling! Work the particles in circular movements from forehead to templethat loosens scales.Additionally canRegular use also stimulates the skin’s collagen production, which ensures a hydrated, plumper look in the long term.

2. Nursing assistants

Of course, after thorough cleaning and care, the Moisturizing the skin don’t be neglected! In a sense, moisture forms the breeding ground for all further steps and lays the foundation for radiant shine. A high-quality skin cream, with light Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or aloe vera enriched, not only makes the skin shine, but also looks supple and healthy. Please avoid mattifying primers! When make-up and care flow easily into one anotherthe finish is successful and ideal.

3. The makeup

It is best not to choose a foundation that is too opaque. Trendy Serum products give the beauty look a certain lightness without weighing it down. The serum plays a key role in ensuring that the foundation hydrates the skin so wonderfully and prevents it from drying out in wrinkles. products with Hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and oils are suitable for dry or mature skin. An integrated sun protection factor protects against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Tip: Dab the product on with your fingersa sponge or brush will not pull any product from the skin.

4. The highlighter

With this type of make-up, the highlighter works almost like a chisel, carving out the contours of the face even more finely. A dry or liquid product is applied to the highest points, i.e. those areas that the sun touches first. These include cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and also the cupid’s bow. The more precisely the product is placed, the more facet and dimension the face gains. Tip: Really precise work, after all, we don’t want to end up looking like a shiny disco ball. For liquid products, use a narrow brush.

With this approach, nothing stands in the way of the glow.


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