Pedantix 264: Clues and solution, what is the word of February 1, 2023?

Pedantix Solution of the Word of the Day February 1, 2023

Every day, at noon, the pedantix site invites you to find the “Wikipedia page”, which is quite simply one of the pages available on the online encyclopedia, which leaves a multitude of possibilities.

If you don’t feel like looking for today’s pedantix page or you’re out of ideas, you’ll find clues and the Pedantix solution of February 1, 2023.

Solution hints Pedantix of the Word of the Day of February 1, 2023

Before giving you the solution, we offer you a series of clues, so that you can find out for yourself.

Index 1

Looking for a form of expression unformed and intended for the marginalized.

Index 2

The result of this expression is considered unconventional.

Index 3

The topics covered are often personal or psychological.

Index 4

The techniques and materials used are also original.

Index 5

Looking for an art form that has often been rejected or ignored by institutions.

Index 6

The word associated with this art is a synonym of natural, primitive and wild.

February 1, 2023 Solution

See the Pedantix solution of the Word of the Day of February 1, 2023

Art Brut

PedantixWhat is that ?

The game Pedantix asks you to find a French Wikipedia page. To do this, you will have to type in words from the French language, whether common nouns, adjectives, adverbs, determinants, in short, anything that is likely to be found on such a page. As you go, words will appear and the clearer they are, the closer you are to the exact word. If you get it right, this one will turn out. The game’s creator explains that the proximity calculation is similar to that used by cemantix.

After finding a few good words, you may be able to form sentence snippets, which will help you later. Do not hesitate to try various domains to find the subject, which will probably allow you to move towards the solution. Except in exceptional cases, you will need dozens of attempts to overcome the Pedantix of the day. That’s why we’ve given you some hints and the solution above, if you ever want to waste no more time searching.

Regarding the color code, here is what the three squares, green, orange and red, mean that you will have the opportunity to see:

  • ? → The word is good
  • ? → The word is close, whether in meaning or spelling. It is often equated with the word you are looking for
  • ? → The word does not appear in the text

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