Pedestrian killed by a gendarmerie vehicle: the two soldiers heard

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4:15 p.m., December 19, 2023

The two gendarmes on board the vehicle involved in a fatal collision with an octogenarian pedestrian on Monday in Senlis in Oise were questioned by investigators, the Senlis prosecutor told AFP on Tuesday. “Investigations are continuing,” he said, an investigation having been opened for involuntary manslaughter by a driver.

“The Amiens research section was able to carry out a first interview” of the two gendarmes, explained prosecutor Loïc Abrial, while “the investigations continue”, an investigation having been opened for manslaughter by a driver.

Ongoing investigations

The two soldiers were initially taken to hospital, “not injured but in a state of shock”, Loïc Abrial told AFP on Monday evening. An 82-year-old pedestrian died Monday afternoon after being struck in an avenue in Senlis by a gendarmerie vehicle “whose flashing lights were activated”, according to the same source.

The gendarmes “had been called following an attack”, the prosecutor further specified in a press release on Tuesday. The victim was “found on the ground near a pedestrian crossing,” the press release said. “The investigations carried out must make it possible to understand in what circumstances the police vehicle collided with the pedestrian,” he adds. The police both tested negative for alcohol and drugs.

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