Pedro Pascal: He forgot his “The Last of Us” casting again

Pedro Pascal
He forgot his “The Last of Us” casting again

Hollywood star Pedro Pascal had meanwhile forgotten that he was cast in “The Last of Us”.

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According to his own statement, Hollywood star Pedro Pascal has meanwhile forgotten his casting in the successful series “The Last of Us”.

The new series “The Last of Us” is currently causing a stir on the US streaming service HBO Max. Former “Game of Thrones” and “The Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal (47) stars in the dark video game adaptation. He embodies the survivor Joel – but Pascal had meanwhile lost his casting on the show. The actor now revealed this to late-night talker Jimmy Fallon (48) on his “Tonight Show”, as can be seen in a video from the show on YouTube.

Pedro Pascal forgot his casting by sleeping pill

Pascal reports in the entertaining clip that he was in London during the casting process for “The Last of Us”, while showrunner Craig Mazin (“Chernobyl”, 51) sent him the script for the pilot episode from Los Angeles. The production then asked Pascal to “‘stay up a little longer to talk to Neil Druckmann,'” creator of the video game the HBO series is based on.

At this point, according to Pascal, it was already very late in the evening in London due to the time difference. While waiting, he took a sleeping pill because he was excited and had to get up the following morning. Then the long-awaited call came and Pascal was informed that he had received his dream role.

“I didn’t remember”

When he woke up the next morning, however, he could not remember his casting because of the sleeping pill he had taken. “I really want this job and I’ll be waiting by the phone all day,” Pascal said at the time. However, when he looked at his phone, he saw congratulatory messages and remembered: “Oh yes, I have the job”.

Launching on January 15, 2023, The Last of Us has made a hugely successful debut on HBO Max. Not only are the number of viewers in the linear program of HBO and the view values ​​​​at HBO Max impressive, “The Last of Us” is also on the review collection site Rotten Tomatoes (as of February 3) with a very excellent value of 96 percent positive reviews. Consequently, HBO Max has already extended its successful production for a second season.


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