Pégases 2022: The best of French video games rewarded tonight!

The 3rd edition of the Pegasus ceremony will take place this evening at La Cigale in Paris and will reward the best video games of the year 2021. A few hours before the start of the event, let’s go back to a few important points.

Where to watch the Pegasus 2022 ceremony?

As a reminder, the online broadcast of the ceremony will begin this March 10 from 8 p.m.. It will be possible to follow the event on various platforms:

  • On Twitch channels TheStream and SNJV
  • On MGG TV
  • On the website of France.TV“slash” web portal or on JV.COM
  • Since Steam directly, on the dedicated Pegasus web page in the Steam store

Many personalities from the world of video games will be invited, and the ceremony will be punctuated with surprises!

3rd Pegasus Ceremony 2022

The rewards

Of many categories present in the video game universe will be covered such as visual excellence, the best student video game, the best narration, the best game-design and many others!

Pegasus primarily rewards French productionsbut some prizes like the best foreign independent video game or the best foreign mobile video game aim to also reward some international nuggets.

This year, these are 85 games who are in competition in all the different categories, which you can find in full right here. The event therefore promises to be, as always, grandiose and imposes itself above all as the appointment not to be missed for the French video game community. Don’t forget that the appointment is already made: see you tonight, 8 p.m. sharp!

The Pegasus 2022 ceremony, rewarding the most promising projects in French video games, is fast approaching. We tell you where and when to attend the ceremony!

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