Penis ring: easy application, great pleasure

Do you want to enrich your love life with a penis ring? We’ll tell you everything you should know about the application and the different models.

The penis ring – a sex toy for men, right? Yes and no! Because although a penis ring was designed for use on men, we women also benefit from this inconspicuous but effective toy. We answer the most important questions about the subject of “penis rings”.

What is a penis ring?

The term “penis ring” (or “cock ring”) is used to describe it one or more rings that are placed around the penis, glans, or testicles during sex will. You can choose between a wide variety of options as you wish. There is simple rings without further functions, but also Penis rings for couplesthat vibrate and give the partner additional pleasure. You will learn more about the different models later.

The most common penis rings are made of silicone, leather, latex, metal, soft plastic and rubber. A penis ring made of a soft, stretchable material is recommended for beginners. These are easier to use and can – if something should go wrong – be cut open in an emergency. We will also explain more about possible, albeit rare, dangers later.

Tip: Do you choose one Penis ring made of a solid material such as metal, you should ensure that it is made from a single source. Seams and other bumps can quickly result in painful pressure points with firm penis rings.

How does a penis ring work and what is it good for?

Although penis rings are generally regarded as sex toys, they can also have a kind of “medical” benefit. The ring can help with erectile dysfunction.

Wearing a penis ring affects the blood circulation in the penis. This means that the penis ring prevents the blood from flowing back out of the member. That leads to a harder erection, more stamina and – depending on the application – can even do the Enhance man’s orgasm.

This is how you use the sex toy safely

When using a penis ring, you should above all react in good time, i.e. the Slip the penis ring over the flaccid or only slightly erect penis. Once the member is strongly erect and has grown to its maximum size, the penis ring can no longer be placed so easily or not at all. Inexperienced men in particular can become one Lube to make it easier to put on.

Depending on the ring, you can choose between the positions for the penis ring choose three locations: directly behind the glans, on the penis shaft or around the testicles. The last possibility should be particularly exciting for the man. The penis ring delays and intensifies the orgasm. There are also “combi penis rings” which are then placed around the penis shaft and testicles.

There are two things to consider when using it:

  1. Don’t panicif the penis ring cannot be easily removed immediately after sex. Give the penis some time to swell. The sex toy can be easily removed with a little lubricant or soap and water.
  2. The most important rule when using it: do not wear a penis ring for more than 30 minutes. Blood circulation should no longer be restricted. Otherwise it can lead to such a blood congestion, which can result in permanent impotence.

These types of penis rings exist

Are you now curious about the different versions? Then we have a great overview here with a small selection of popular penis rings.

Classic penis ring without a lot of frills

A penis ring, a penis. Complete. Does that sound unspectacular? Is not it. Because even if a penis ring seems inconspicuous at first without vibration and Co. – its ability should not be underestimated. With the functions described, it ensures a sustained, longer erection in men (which ultimately also benefits us women), the orgasm of the man and placed over the testicles intensified ensures a long, intense act. Since the prices for this type of penis rings are very manageable, it is the ideal one Penis ring for beginners and everyone who just wants to try it out.

With the classic penis ring, you can choose between smooth surfaces and Knobs or Grooves Select. Adjustable penis rings offer maximum individuality and are especially suitable for men who are still unsure which ring size is right for them. Even Sets with different sizes are ideal.

Double penis ring

The name already gives it away: This is the Combination of two penis rings. The advantage is obvious: With the Double penis ring man can do both Penis shaft as well as testicles ring and enjoy twice at the same time.

Penis rings in a set

If you want more, you can access this Triple pack To fall back on: Three different sizes Penis rings are each suitable for that Acorn, the shaft and the Testicles. Another advantage: Due to the transparent material 100 percent medical grade silicone if they – especially in combination with a condom – are very inconspicuous and take away the man’s shame, the penis ring should serve as a “sexual enhancer”.

Penis ring with vibration

In addition to “classic” penis rings, there are also those that give the partner additional pleasure in addition to extended male steadfastness. With vibration and partly an additional one Clitoral stimulator (for example in the form of small rabbit ears) these penis rings stimulate the intimate area of ​​the woman and enrich the sex life of both parties.

Can a penis ring be dangerous?

Including a penis ring in your sex life should be well thought out and prepared. Above all, you should deal with the right size beforehand. If the penis ring is too small, it can actually be dangerous. If the swelling of the limb does not subside for a long time after orgasm, removal will be difficult or impossible. If you do not react in time, this can lead to permanent impotence.

In order to avoid this, in addition to the thorough examination of the penis ring BEFORE it is used, the choice of the “right” model is also decisive. Size-adjustable penis rings are the safest option. A metal penis ring, on the other hand, can only be cut with a special tool if it cannot be stripped off in the conventional way.

Can you use a penis ring in combination with a condom?

You can use a matching penis ring very well together with a condom. This has the advantage, for example, that the condom cannot slip when the penis ring is worn on the penis shaft and over the condom.

Penis rings that are worn over the glans or around the testicles also do not stand in the way of using a condom. It is only important that with penis rings (e.g. made of metal) no hard edges available. These not only lead to pain for men, but can also damage the condom.

How do you find the right size?

To determine the right size for a penis ring, the Measure erect penis will. With a tape measure, read the circumference of the respective place where the penis ring will be worn later – namely multiple. Calculate an average value from the values ​​in order to compensate for measurement errors.

Small math problem: circumference divided by pi (pi = 3.14)

The result is the diameter of the penis. Depending on which type of penis ring or which position it should take, you can now orientate yourself on the following values:

  • for a penis ring around the shaft: Subtracts 3 to 5 millimeters from the diameter of the penis.
  • for a penis ring around the testicles: The penis diameter is also the diameter of the penis ring.
  • for a metal penis ring: Again, the diameter of the penis is the diameter of the penis ring.

If you have decided on a penis ring, you can also check again immediately before use whether the size you have determined fits. One or two fingers should still fit through with elastic models; Metal penis rings have at least two fingers. If you follow these guidelines, nothing should stand in the way of your pleasure with a penis ring.

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