Pension reform: facing the government, Le Pen threatens to table a motion of censure

Victor Chabert, edited by Yanis Darras

Pension reform is making a strong comeback at the heart of political debates. Elisabeth Borne received this Thursday morning Marine Le Pen, president of the National Rally group in the Assembly, and Olivier Marleix, the leader of the Republican deputies. The two opponents are clear: they do not want a forced passage on the postponement of the retirement age.

Matignon is in turmoil. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne received Marine Le Pen (RN) and Oliver Marleix (LR) this Thursday morning to discuss the issue of pension reform and in particular an extension of the retirement age for French. “We agreed to note that we totally disagreed on all the texts that will arrive before the National Assembly”, explained to the microphone of Europe 1 the president of the National Rally group.

During the interview, the RN deputy from the North did not hesitate to threaten the head of government with a motion of censure if this pension reform were to pass into force. “I clearly told him that if they intended to pass the pension reform through an amendment to the Social Security finance bill, using article 49-3, then we will file a motion of censure. Otherwise, we will vote on the motions of censure that would be tabled, whatever their origin.”

The energy crisis also at the heart of the discussion

Another subject discussed at length is the energy crisis. Marine Le Pen castigated the government’s lack of vision and strategy. She denounces the policy of the check which, according to her, will be “just one more tax” and also speaks out against the transfer of French gas to Germany in the name of European solidarity. “Priority to the French people”, hammered the presidential finalist in front of the journalists. Last meeting of the day: the one with Olivier Marleix. Elisabeth Borne has been talking for more than an hour with the president of the LR group in the National Assembly. There is no doubt that the latter will share Marine Le Pen’s criticisms of the idea of ​​using 49-3 to adopt the pension reform.

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