Pension reform: former Macronist minister Barbara Pompili will not vote for the text as it stands

Barbara Pompili, elected Renaissance and president of the “In Common” party Le Figaro

Patroness of the microparty of the majority “In Common”, and Renaissance deputy, the ecologist fears that “social injustices” arise from certain provisions.

Some have fun with it. “We are a little pebble in the shoesmiles Cécile Rilhac, Renaissance deputy and member of the microparty “In Common”, one of the many chapels of the presidential camp. Allusion to the words of the leader of the current, Barbara Pompili, who affirmed Monday evening to BFMTV that she refused “at this stageto support pension reform. “Sif I had to vote now, I couldn’t vote for“, thus indicated the eco-macronist, emphasizing the “social injustices“that the government text would entail. This, while the Head of State had already defended the main orientations during the last campaign and during the previous five-year term, when she was Minister for the Ecological Transition (2020-2022).

We stand in solidarity with what our president has said“replies Cécile Rilhac. “We believe that the postponement of the legal retirement age is something unequal“, She continues, saying that negotiations are still underway between her colleagues from the left wing of the majority and the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. “We want this reform to be rebalanced in terms of social justicespecifies the elected representative of Val-d’Oise, because, as it stands, we cannot vote for this text“. And to evoke pell-mell the arduousness of work, the employment of seniors, the management of long careers, the consideration of chopped careers for women and the recognition of parental leave. Before concluding : “All these points seem very important to us and we are working this week with our activists to formulate our proposals.»

The words of Barbara Pompili and the positioning of her troops also support the reluctance of part of the left wing of the presidential coalition on what they consider to be too little social progress in the pension reform. This morning, in a group meeting, the leader of the Renaissance deputies, Aurore Bergé, recalled: “The postponement of the legal age was one of the pillars of Emmanuel Macron’s program. We must stop having the modesty of a gazelle. The elected Renaissance of the Hauts-de-Seine, Prisca Thevenot, esteems with the Figaro : “These are debates, it’s rather healthy. But I remind you all the same that this reform is part of the program which allowed us to be elected deputies a few months ago.»

It’s completely normal that we get annoyed“, recognizes the “pompiliste” Cécile Rilhac. “However, we obviously remain in the majority, just like a certain number of deputies of the social-democrat current – who affirm that things remain to be improved in this text – are also part of it.Then to resume his metaphor one last time:We are that little pebble in the shoe that allows us to realize that when we remove it, we move forward much better.»

Other voices are heard, including that of the deputy Renaissance Patrick who, on BFMTV, affirms as follows: “If it does not evolve, I will not vote for this law.” Reinstatement of hardship criteria, extension of the senior index to all companies, relaxation of the implementation of the pension reform… “We will table amendments”for his part warns Figaro Benoît Bordat, Renaissance deputy and member of the Progressive Federation, the party of the former Minister of Labor François Rebsamen. “We are about fifteen elected from the presidential camp to be on this line: if we are not heard, we could turn to abstention and even the vote against“Concludes the elected representative of the Côte-d’Or who, for the moment, intends to abstain.

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