Pension reform: Gabriel Attal goes on a seduction mission in Aube

Arthur de Laborde
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07:45, January 25, 2023

While the pension reform bill divides, members of the government are trying to convince the French of the need for the project. In Saint-Parres-lès-Vaudes, in Aube, Gabriel Attal went to meet the inhabitants of the small town. Among the topics of discussion, the employment of seniors.

Convince the French almost one by one. The government is relying on education to convince the French of the relevance of the pension reform. While Parliament will begin examining the text from next week, ministers are sent to the front line. Monday evening, Gabriel Attal, the Minister in charge of Public Accounts participated in a public meeting in Saint-Parres-lès-Vaudes, in Aube, a small rural town which had placed Marine Le Pen in the lead in the second round of the presidential election.

Ministers invited to go to the field

In this small communal hall, in the middle of about fifty inhabitants, the Minister in charge of Public Accounts tries to answer the doubts about the index that the government wants to create to push companies to hire seniors. “Will there be penalties?” asks a person who came to meet him. “Today, a priori no. So it’s useless,” he continues. Gabriel Attal recognizes: “We still have progress to make in France to improve the employment of seniors. It is also part of the subjects of the reform. We can really enrich.”

“We need to reform our system”

The proposals fuse. The minister sometimes rejoices in it with humor. “It’s going into a big national debate.” But there are also those who, with a form of fatality, say they are convinced that this reform must be carried out while wondering if the government will be able to go all the way. “Compared to popular pressure, on what point are you not going to backpedal?” Asks a resident of the small town. “I don’t know if we will be able to convince all the French people that this is a good reform”, replies Gabriel Attal. “What I know in any case is that we need to reform our system to allow it to hold.”

Like Gabriel Attal, all ministers are invited to go into the field. But if that is not enough, predicts an adviser, it is Emmanuel Macron who will have to get his hands dirty himself.

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