Pension reform. How to use the official simulator to calculate your pension at 64, 65 or 67

Here is an announcement that has been awaited for long weeks by all future withdrawals. The official simulator common to all schemes, on, is now up to date with the changes to the pension reform. You can precisely simulate the amount of your future pension at legal age, at full rate age, or at age 67.

The official simulator was promised for the month of June. It is online – and, verified by MoneyVox, it actually works without bugs with the changes caused by the pension reform – since Monday, June 12.

To access it, go to the portal of the Union Retraite group,, which brings together all the main schemes, including Retirement Insurance, the basic scheme, or the main supplementary scheme, Agirc-Arrco, but also the SRE for civil servants, the CNAVPL for the liberal professions, etc. An unbeatable advantage, since this simulator is the only one where the information on your career collected by the different schemes is already known on a single portal.

Then connect, by creating yourself or using your identifiers, or via FranceConnect (identifying, Ameli, La Poste, etc.). Once connected, click on My retirement estimate.

retirement info

Screenshots taken on June 12, 2023 on

There, you have the choice: a detailed and personalized simulation, where you can adapt your anticipated income for your end of career. Or the choice of speed: see my estimate with income filled in by default for your last years of career.


You come across a dominant green and gray screen with an estimate of your retirement at the legal age, 64, but also the age of the full rate, which depends on your validated quarters, and a third estimate at the age of the automatic full rate , 67 years old.


This simulator, called M@rel and developed by the Agirc-Arrco departments on behalf of the Union Retraite, is supposed to be up to date with all the changes in the reform. Including, in theory, for early departures for long careers at 60, 62 or 63 years.

A simulator offered via the sites of the different plans

This same updated M@rel simulator will be deployed on the web portals of most plans, like Agirc-Arrco, which integrates this same updated simulator. We have the responsibility [de fournir] to customers [une] simplified, unified information, without having to go around the different schemes, insisted at the end of March Didier Weckner, vice-president of Agirc-Arrco and also current chairman of the board of directors of the GIP Union Retraite (which manages Info-Retraite. Fr).

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