Pension reform: “Mobilization is important, there is no point in being in denial”, admits Dussopt

The Minister of Labour, Olivier Dussopt. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP

In the aftermath of the second mobilization against the postponement of the retirement age to 64, the government continues to defend its bill.

They were, Tuesday, January 31, 1.2 million French people (2.8 million, according to the CGT) to march in the street and protest against the pension reform. Guest Wednesday on France 2, Olivier Dussopt “take note” of the mobilization that he judges “important”.

“There’s no point in being in denialcontinued the Minister of Labor. And this should lead us to continue to explain, convince, with humility.» If there are «leewayto improve the bill (currently being examined in committee at the National Assembly), in particular on the senior index, the government leaves no opening concerning the postponement of the age to 64 years.

I subscribe to what the Prime Minister said“, thus supported Gabriel Attal on France Inter. On the eve of the arrival of the bill in Parliament, Élisabeth Borne indeed made it known that retirement at 64 was not “more negotiable“. The Budget Minister also mentioned the employment of seniors and the possibility of discussing “binding measures” in order to encourage companies, and wished to support the “openingfrom the government on the subject.

“I believe that this is a real debate and that it will take place at Parliament. We are very open, with Olivier Dussopt, to all proposals relating to this subject., he insisted. Tuesday, Elisabeth Borne ensured “hear” THE “questions” And “doubtson pension reform. “The parliamentary debate opens, Prime Minister continued. It will allow, in transparency, to enrich our project with a goal: to ensure the future of our pay-as-you-go system.»

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