Pension reform: these points of the text that could move

Regarding quarters for children, which for some women are no longer useful with the decline in age to 64, the government is embarrassed. STEPHANE MAHE/REUTERS

DECRYPTION – The government may have to make concessions. But the room for maneuver is narrow.

With the success of the second day of mobilization, the government could be led to release more or less ballast on certain grievances giving rise to amendments. On the other hand, the executive remains firm on the postponement of the retirement age to 64 from 2030 as well as on the increase in the contribution period, increased to 43 years from 2027. Two “red lines” for trade unions, which adjustments to the text at the margin will not be able to satisfy. All the concessions that could be made by the executive to “calm things down” will therefore not undermine union determination. The executive’s room for maneuver is therefore very narrow. Especially since the social support measures promised in the reform are already powerful, and are already eating away at a third of the expected savings. Ultimately, four out of ten French people will leave earlier than the legal age. Back on what could evolve in Parliament.

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