Pensions: Elisabeth Borne “has all my confidence”, declares Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron assured Elisabeth Borne of his confidence on Wednesday and called on her to “build a government program” and “broaden the majority”, considering that there was “no alternative majority” during an interview on TF1 and France 2. The Head of State, who had already ruled out any dissolution or withdrawal of the pension reform, assured the Prime Minister of his confidence, calling on her to “build a legislative program, a government program ( …) to have both fewer legal texts, shorter, clearer texts, to also change things for our compatriots in a more tangible way”. “There is no alternative majority”, he hammered again.

Macron ready to endorse the unpopularity of the reform

Emmanuel Macron also said he was ready to “endorse unpopularity” to implement the reform. “Me, I am not looking to be re-elected (…), but between the short-term polls and the general interest of the country, I choose the general interest of the country”, he argued, in saying “assume”, without “regrets”, and highlighting his “will”, his “tenacity” and his “commitment”.

While new rallies were organized on Tuesday evening against the reform in several large French cities, the scene for some of them, including Paris, of tensions between the police and demonstrators, “we cannot accept either the rebels, nor the factions”, argued the head of state.

“When the United States of America went through what they went through on Capitol Hill, when Brazil went through what it went through (…), I tell you very clearly,” he said. supported, denouncing among demonstrators “groups that use violence”. “We will not tolerate any overflow,” he warned again.

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