Pensions: if the Assembly could not vote on the text, it is because of the “government and LFI”, believes Le Pen

Two motions of censure rejected, and a pension reform adopted. This Monday, the deputies of the National Assembly rejected the motions of censure tabled by the centrist group Liot and by the National Rally. A narrow rejection, because Liot’s cross-partisan motion of censure lacked only nine votes to be adopted. But for Marine Le Pen, the process “is not over”.

“We are seizing this Tuesday morning the Constitutional Council, because there are, in our opinion, serious violations of the Constitution in the legislative vehicle, which was used by the government”, specifies the deputy of Pas-de-Calais at the microphone from Europe 1.

A shared responsibility?

Because, for the former candidate for the presidential election, “the parliamentary process ended in conditions which are really extremely questionable since I remind you that on a reform as important as this, the National Assembly has not could not vote on this text.”

But, this absence of a vote “is a bit of the double responsibility of the government, but also of La France insoumise. “Because the government used a legislative vehicle which considerably constrained the time of the debate. But rebellious France, by the obstruction that it implemented, did everything for us (deputies editor’s note) to prevent us from reaching, if only to article seven which was the fundamental article of this reform, because it is the one who pushed back the age of departure by two years”, she continues.

“There are only losers”

It must be said that after two weeks of debate at the Palais Bourbon, the deputies were only able to vote for two articles out of the ten that comprised the government bill. The fault of the twenty thousand amendments tabled mainly by La France insoumise, but also by the other members of the Nupes.

But for Marine Le Pen, “there are only losers in this political sequence” that will have been the examination of the pension reform. “The first loser is democracy. Then it is the image of France in the world. Finally, it is once again the government that is forced to force its hand with an article that is not not done, whatever is said, for that, which was not thought to break the rules of the democratic game”, concludes the president of the National Rally at the Palais Bourbon.

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