Pensions: in the Social Affairs Committee, the left seeks to become the first opponent

Alexandre Chauveau

The pension reform mobilizes the street, but also the deputies. While the Social Affairs Committee is currently examining the government’s text, some of the elected officials do not hesitate to underline their opposition, in particular those on the left. Objective for the latter: to position themselves as the first opponents of the project.

This is a second day of mobilization against the successful pension reform project for the unions. With almost 1.3 million people in the streets this Tuesday, January 31 according to the Ministry of the Interior – 2.5 million according to the unions, the marches against the government’s reform project have rallied even more than during the first mobilization day, January 19th.

And if in the street, we claim our opposition, at the Social Affairs Committee which is currently studying the text, we do the same. Especially the left-wing deputies, galvanized by the strong mobilization. Most of the deputies of the Nupe present in committee have also joined the various processions.

Still a long way to go

“We have just seen the dazzling result of your pedagogical enterprise for weeks, since the more you explain this reform to the French, the more they understand it the more they reject it”, is satisfied Benjamin Lucas, ecologist deputy. The objective for the elected representatives of the left is clear: to impose themselves as the first force of opposition to this reform, to the detriment of the National Rally. Because Marine Le Pen’s deputies are particularly absent from the processions and have so far tabled far fewer amendments.

“The reform raises questions and doubts. We hear them,” reacted Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, who now relies on parliamentary debate. For this, the executive still intends to obtain the vote of the Republicans and the recalcitrant deputies of the majority. All have roughly the same expectations on better consideration of long careers and arduous work. But the debates, this Tuesday in committee, do not augur at this stage, of any rapprochement.

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