Pensions: using 49.3 “is not an admission of weakness”, believes Éric Woerth

Laura Laplaud

After the National Assembly, the Senate, the joint joint commission, will the government have to draw article 49.3 of the Constitution to have its pension reform adopted?

After its tumultuous passage in the National Assembly and then in the Senate in recent days, the pension reform bill arrives in the joint committee (CMP) this Wednesday. If the CMP fails to find common ground between the two parties, the government, which does not wish it, could have recourse to 49.3 to force the final adoption of the text.

Is it still possible to avoid recourse to 49.3? This article of the Constitution is in no way “an admission of weakness”, estimated Éric Woerth, quaestor of the National Assembly and Renaissance deputy for Oise, at the microphone of Europe 1 on Monday. “It is the observation of a situation as it is and it is an admission of realism and pragmatism. I think that we can achieve a majority by continuing to discuss.”

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