Pensions: “We are destined to continue to govern”, says Véran after 49.3

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11:50 a.m., March 17, 2023

Olivier Véran announces that he has “a vocation to continue to govern” after the use of 49.3, for a forced passage of the reform. The government spokesman hinted that he respected the initiative for a motion of no confidence and also claimed to have “confidence” in the political future of his Prime Minister.

Government spokesman Olivier Véran said on Friday that the latter had “a vocation to continue to govern”, after Thursday’s appeal to 49.3 to pass the disputed pension reform. “There will be a vote”, assured the minister on France Inter, in reference to the motions of censure which will be tabled Friday by the oppositions.

“The 49.3 is also a moment of loss of control by the government”, he analyzed, “it is a moment when the National Assembly is totally sovereign to decide to grant you confidence or to withdraw it so there is no alternative to the vote of the deputies”. On the future of Elisabeth Borne at Matignon, he said he had “trust” in her, “but my opinion does not count”. “The Prime Minister’s choice of method, which is that of consultation and the search for compromise, etc., is still a choice that has borne fruit in other texts,” he said.

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