Pensions: “We are in a political and social crisis of great gravity”, considers Gilles Le Gendre

Article 49.3, motion of censure, demonstrations… Gilles Le Gendre, deputy of the majority, recognizes a moment of major crisis for France. While President Emmanuel Macron, in front of parliamentarians from his camp, estimated Tuesday evening that “the crowd” had no “legitimacy” against “the people who express themselves through their elected officials”, deputy Gilles Le Gendre takes the opposite view.

This member of the majority believes, on the contrary, that “we are in a very serious political and social crisis”. “The crowd must be heard”, continues the deputy Renaissance. A few hours before a speech by the President, scheduled for this Wednesday at 1 p.m., the deputy hopes that the Head of State “carries an uncompromising diagnosis on the very particular situation which I consider serious that we have known for a few weeks”, adds Gilles Le Gendre.

“The majority has no right to denial”

According to Gilles le Gendre, the majority has “no right to denial”. Although he wants the protests and violence to stop, the MP thinks it would be “a mistake to say that the crisis is over and that it is behind us to resume things as if nothing is wrong. ‘was”.

“It is our responsibility, and not just that of the president, but of all the political forces to prevent this political and social crisis from becoming a crisis of the regime,” he continues.

While declaring himself “in solidarity” with the majority, the deputy analyzes this moment as “a symptom of a democratic crisis which has undermined our country for years. Pension reform, and the crisis to which it gives rise, is not just one more expression in a long sequence”.

He believes that the democratic crisis is explained, in particular, “by institutions that are no longer adapted to the times” and that the majority has not managed “to curb it”. “The president must be the arbiter of the nation,” he also added.

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