Pensions: why the reform will only have a limited effect on the average retirement age

During a demonstration against the pension reform, in Paris, in mid-January. THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

DECRYPTION – While the legal age will increase by two years, the effect of the reform should be less marked on the effective age, according to the impact study published on Monday.

All that for this ? In its impact study, published on Monday, the government believes that its pension reform will ultimately have only a relatively limited effect on the age at which the French will actually stop working in the future. The project, as it stands, will also retain a “high time spent in retirement», close to 28% of the total lifespan of individuals.

Thus, increasing the legal retirement age by two years would only mean a decline of a few months for all individuals, in reality, according to the executive, compared to a situation without reform. A phenomenon that may surprise, but which can be explained…

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