Pentagon concerned about rearmament: China’s nuclear arsenal exceeds all expectations

Pentagon concerned about armament
China’s nuclear arsenal exceeds all expectations

According to a report by the US Department of Defense, China is arming itself more aggressively than expected. The numbers of the previous forecasts would have to be corrected in height, it is said. An advisor to the Pentagon is concerned.

China is upgrading its nuclear arsenal faster than expected, according to a Pentagon report. The People’s Republic could have more than 1,000 nuclear warheads by 2030, according to the report released by the US Department of Defense. Last year, the Pentagon had assumed a possible increase to 400 warheads by 2030.

The Beijing government “is investing in the number of its land, sea and airborne nuclear delivery systems and building the necessary infrastructure to support this significant expansion of its nuclear force,” the report said. This development “is very worrying for us,” said a Pentagon official. The question arises as to China’s “intentions”.

The US government has made China the top security problem. Beijing has been arming itself massively for some time and is increasingly catching up with the previously unrivaled military power of the USA. The rivalry increases fears of a possible confrontation between the two countries, particularly over Taiwan.

Tensions between China and Taiwan have increased again in recent years. Beijing sees Taiwan as a breakaway province that, if necessary, should be reunited with the mainland by military force. The US has also pledged military support to the government in Taipei.

According to the Pentagon report, China’s rapid military modernization aims to achieve the ability by 2027 to overcome any resistance to retaking Taiwan – whether through pressure and deterrence or military force.

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