perfect gifts for food addicts!

Whether you are a sweet tooth or addicted to savory pleasures, there is bound to be a gift for you in our selection!

Do you still live in the decor of your teenage room with the posters of Britney and Justin on the wall? The last time you followed a fashion trend was in 1968 when you burned your bra? Neither decoration nor fashion are your “hobbies but you can melt with pleasure in front of a chocolate from Marcolini or travel several kilometers to taste the pie signed by a renowned butcher. Your thing is food, a bottle of great vintage, good food and other belly pleasures, so to share your passion with your loved ones, give them a gourmet gift that is sure to hit the mark!

For those addicted to sweet pleasures

Give gourmets the best of gifts by opting for melting chocolates in all its forms, homemade cookies, jams with real fruit… sweet pleasures found among the best specialties of our regions.
Your friends will love these sweet little grains of madness that will season their lives!

For travel addicts
Foie gras from the Landes, liqueur from Angers, honey from Paris or even calissons from Aix… Why not introduce your loved ones to French gastronomic excellence by choosing a gourmet gift for them from one of our regions?
But don’t be necessarily chauvinistic and also offer a taste trip to those who like to escape to distant lands. Offer a round trip to Italy with an orange-based nectar or a gourmet fruit pannetone, take them to Portugal or Tunisia with an olive oil with the good taste of the sun, go to Sao Tome to discover the best chocolate in the world …

For fans of “Top chef”
Cooking shows are multiplying on the small screen and with them a growing desire to get behind the stove. To give your little niece, a fan of stamped young chefs, all the chances seen on tv“, offer him a handy robot, a sparkling battery or Japanese master knives. And for your brother-in-law who licks his lips at the sight of a good bottle of Crozes-Hermitage *, fall for a pretty corkscrew or a nice carafe.
From the sushi kit to the designer pepper mill, including the cast iron casserole dish, there is bound to be a kitchen nugget that will please. Philippe Etchebest will have better watch out!

Go on a taste discovery
For those who love everything without really knowing how to say what they like! For all those undecided, who love Corsican sausage as much as Belgian chocolate. For all those who would like to get started in the kitchen but who do not dare, offer them a ready-made box as a gift.
Many merchants offer gourmet assortments to amaze the taste buds, true invitations to discovery.

* drink in moderation

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