Perfume: This is what men like about us

Sweet, fruity or a little spicy? When it comes to fragrance, men have a very clear favorite …

We often spend what feels like hours looking for the perfect outfit – not to mention the time we invest in our make-up. Then a few more strokes of the brush here and a few splashes of perfume there – the look is ready! The latter in particular usually happens automatically, although it is worthwhile to think about a few things when it comes to fragrances – especially if you are still single and looking for Mister Right. A private study by 'Scentbird' has provided some exciting findings.

We all know the adage of being able to "smell good" someone. And we should take that literally now. As the survey has shown, men not only pay attention to the appearance of their counterpart on a date, but above all to their smell – and very intuitively. So, can our fragrance choices help our crush become drawn to us? The clear answer: yes!

According to Dr. Winnifred Cutler, who discovered the existence of human pheromones in the 1980s, the human scent is crucial when it comes to affection. "Essential oils and blends can create a wonderful scent that increases our attraction," said the leading scientist in an interview with 'Scentbird'.

In the study conducted by the online retailer, around 93 percent of the men surveyed confirm that they are attracted to a woman who wears perfume. 66 percent also said that a woman who smells good is sexier than one who is well dressed.

Which fragrance do men like best?

But what scent is it that magically attracts men? According to the survey, it is primarily flowery fragrances that men immediately enjoy, followed by spicy and fresh nuances. And what about the ladies of creation? 94 percent of us also appreciate a man who smells well – especially when he relies on fresh or woody perfumes.

Despite all the love for fragrances, there is one thing we shouldn't forget: Much more important than the outfit, the make-up or the scent is the character. Because in the end it is your great personality that decides whether the first date will be followed by a second …


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