Perpetrator still at large – attacked and robbed on the street

Two unknown people attacked a 43-year-old on the street in Althofen on Sunday evening. The perpetrators first attacked their victim before robbing them.

Shortly before 11 p.m., the 43-year-old was walking in the Althofen city area when he was attacked out of the blue by the two unknown perpetrators. They also asked their victim to give them his valuables. But the 43-year-old said no, which made the two strangers even angrier. One of the two perpetrators finally reached into the 43-year-old’s jacket pocket and stole his cell phone and other personal items. The two unknown men then fled. Despite a manhunt being launched immediately, there is still no trace of the perpetrators. “The investigations to clarify exactly what happened have not yet been completed,” says the state police department.
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