Persona 5 Royal and SOMA are coming to Xbox Game Pass, while Backbone is packing up

If the first salvo of games in October drew a wave of medieval themes, most of those announced today to succeed them are clearly in the horror genre. If there are some already well-known titles such as Amnesia: Rebirth, Amnesia: Collection, or SOMA, all three available from October 20, it will also be an opportunity to discover a new representative of Survival-Horror with Signalis from 27.

That the sissies are reassured, other genres are represented in this second salvo. And in particular the JRPG with one of its best representatives released in recent years, namely Persona 5 Royal which will enter the Game Pass catalog on October 21, the day of its release, or even asynchronous multiplayer with Phantom Abyss.

On the departure side, eight titles bid farewell to the Game Pass catalog. Among the most notable are Backbone, Sniper Elite 4 and The Forgotten City.

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