Persona: Atlus won’t make concert announcements in October, no Persona 6 in sight

With the release of the PC, PS5, Xbox and Switch versions of personas 5 (which will be entitled to a nice collector’s edition), we suspected thatAtlus was going to focus its communication on these ports, but we still hoped that the traditional concert Persona Super Live P-Sound be the place for an announcement of a new project. Unfortunately, we learn today that it will not be, since the studio prefers to clarify things directly in order to temper expectations around the event.

No Persona 6 at the concert

Atlus announced on the Persona Chanel site that the Persona Super Live P-Sound 2022 concert, which will take place next month, will not be where the studio announces a new game personas. No announcement related to a new project is to be expected during this event.

One could have guessed as much given that priority is given to ports of personas 5but even a brief glimpse of the future would have been satisfying for the community. Persona 6 is long overdue, but we are now used to waiting between two major episodes of the series, which is not stingy with spin-offs.

It will therefore be necessary to be satisfied with the musical performance for this event, which is already very very good given the quality of the pieces of the license.

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