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Personalities mobilize against coronavirus

/ Culture / Stars / #RestezChezVous: French personalities are mobilizing against the coronavirus

The Minister of Culture, Franck Riester, posted a video on his Twitter account where several French personalities are mobilizing against the coronavirus.

Video by Juliette Le Peillet

They are actors, presenters, journalists, singers and even writers. This Wednesday, March 25, many personalities wished to send a common message to the French in this period of health crisis. It is the Minister of Culture Franck Riester who broadcast this video where Marc Levy, Patrick Bruel, Mika, Hafsia Herzi, Line Renaud, Nagui or Jean-Paul Rouve and Michel Boujenah encourage the French to stay at home. Everyone at home is trying to educate as many people as possible about the importance of staying confined to the fight against the pandemic. On his Twitter publication, the Minister of Culture writes: "To the French who are on the front line to protect us, nourish us, treat us: thank you. To all the others, you too can save lives. One message: #RestezChezVous. The artists have a message for you."

Most individual videos are short. But some personalities wanted to personalize their messages and also remember the precious help of caregivers during this complicated period: "It is a collective effort to protect our fellow citizens and also to support the nursing staff that I admire so much. I think of them very often these days. They are our heroes. You too are a hero simply by staying at home you." explains Line Renaud in the famous video. Léa François also wanted to pay tribute to the nursing staff by thanking them from home for their dedication.

In addition to this video, many youtubers had also broadcast content to encourage their communities to remain confined. Jamie, from This is not rocket science, Julien Chieze, Mcfly and Carlito, Norman Thavaud, Natoo, Kyan Kojandi, Monsieur Poulpe or even Arthur wanted to convey this important message.

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Video by Clemence chevallet

by Melanie Bonvard

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