Personality test: spoon, bite, lick? How you eat an ice cream reveals a lot about you

Spoon, bite, lick?
The way you eat ice cream tells you about your character

Eating ice cream is one of the highlights of summer for many.

Spoon, lick or even bite with relish? How we like to eat our ice cream reveals a lot about our personality.

We like to enjoy the summer with an ice cream in our hands. But not only which kind we like to eat reveals a lot about our character, but also How we eat the fast-melting dessert can reveal a lot about us.

Tell me how you eat ice cream and I’ll tell you who you are

With a spoon or without? Sucked, licked or even bitten off? Everyone has their own way of eating ice cream. You can find out what this reveals about your character in the video.

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