Personality test: what your background says about you in the video meeting

Which type are you?
What your background reveals about you in the video meeting

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Blurred out, a fake villa or your untidy room? What do you see in the background in the video conference? We’ll reveal what that says about your personality.

I want to look especially good

A penthouse apartment with a sea view, the nature motif that perfectly matches your hair color or colorful balloons that distract from your pale complexion … Does that sound like your favorite backgrounds? Congratulations, then you can officially count yourself to the type “Poser: in”. That sounds more negative than it is now. You just make sure to put yourself in the limelight as well as possible – and that has never hurt your job, as is well known. And between us: The others secretly envy you how well you come across in video calls. So: which luxury villa should it be next?

I want to come across as authentic

Background? You whistle it! First, because you were too lazy to figure out how to set those crazy backgrounds (and you didn’t care enough). Second, because you like it to be authentic. Your motto: If you don’t like me the way I am, you should just leave it. You wouldn’t reveal anything that is too private or let a total chaos reign in the background. But: The old shelf that you brought into your apartment from your student flat, the crooked picture on the wall or the 70s wallpaper in the background – you have the best possible resolution for everything. Remarkable! But be careful that your partner doesn’t even accidentally walk through the picture naked, could be uncomfortable for everyone involved …

I want to be the center of attention

Hey colleagues, look at me – and ONLY at me! If that’s a concern of yours at the video conference, just blurr your background out. That means you’re blurring it. So that nobody can be distracted by things that are in your room, hanging or walking around. Therefore you are far from being egocentric: in. Because you might only choose Blurr mode because you haven’t cleaned up or you’re thinking “My apartment is a private matter!” It’s your right – and you’re definitely playing it safe.

I want to be creative

The Grand Canyon, a wild west city or a colorful fantasy world. You want to enchant your colleagues every morning with a creative background. You are secretly rubbing your hands impatiently until the first say “Hey what a cool background!”. You are just super creative and want to live it out in video calls. Well received! But don’t overdo it, otherwise the effect will eventually dull. The magic word here is to dose well.

Oh, I really don’t care!

The dirty dishes in the background, your drunken party pictures with the girls or your favorite book “Kamasutra for the awkward” – you don’t care what is going on in the video background. You haven’t worn proper pants for months and you applaud yourself if you manage to wash your hair more than once a week. One can only say: hats off to so much lightness! But be careful: this could make a negative impression in the work environment. After all, that doesn’t necessarily mean seriousness and seriousness. So maybe wash up before the call starts …