Personality test: What your favorite flower reveals about you

Personality test
Choose a flower and find out what you really thrive on

Which flower speaks to you most?

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but they can also reveal a lot about our inner beauty. You can find out what your choice of flower reveals about you in the video.

Flowers enhance your home. No matter what type, shape or color – they are always nice to look at and are also good for the indoor climate in your four walls. But which flower you find beautiful, decorate or plant can reveal a lot about you to other people.

Personality test: These flowers reveal a lot about you

Which flower would you choose?


Rose, daffodil, sunflower or lily, which of the plants would you choose? Each flower represents different personality traits and reveals in which aspects of life we ​​thrive. In the video you will find out what your choice reveals about your character.

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