Personality: This is what your eating habits say about you

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What your eating habits say about your personality

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Are you more of a slow, detailed or nimble eater? This is what your eating style says about your personality!


Your plate is empty before the others have even started? Then multitasking is in your blood. You always meet your deadlines in time and beat everyone in the competition. You like to put other people’s needs before your own, but it is important to you to have time for yourself.


If you eat slowly, you also take a lot of time in your life – whether for decisions or certain work steps. Because you firmly believe that quality is more important than speed. You enjoy your life and the people in it – and live in the here and now.


Are you the kind of person who wants everything in a certain order on his plate? So that nothing is mixed up and mixed up? Then you tend to walk through life in a very orderly and organized manner. Or, you might be a little inflexible. Or is it not ?!


Are you not afraid of cockroaches, chicken feet and grasshoppers on your plate? Then you are probably the adventurous eating guy! Anyway, you go through life as an adventurer: you are not afraid of conflict and you are not afraid of new ideas or plans. After all, you only live once.


There is always something about food that you don’t like or don’t like? Then you’re more of the perfectionist type. You don’t like to step out of your comfort zone and you always need to know what exactly is going on. Nonetheless, you are a curious person who is not afraid to ask questions and learn new things.


First the peas, then the potatoes and finally the meatball – some people prefer to enjoy their ingredients one after the other rather than mixing them together. People with this eating style are cautious, think everything through umpteen times and have a method behind their madness. Creative minds who see the world a little differently than most people.

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The mixing type mixes his food into a uniform pulp – that’s how he likes it best. Are you that type of food? Then you are a very open, friendly person who does many many things at the same time. That works pretty well too, but you run the risk of being overwhelmed at times.

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Everything that stands in front of you lands noisily in your body. Because you can’t eat anything without smacking, slurping or chewing loudly. What that means? You are a person who is at peace with himself and who doesn’t care what others think of you. Not so bad actually …


Do you love to arrange your food nicely, because after all, the eyes eat too? This is a good sign because it means that you are forward-thinking and goal-oriented. You also love to make plans for the future – whether they are professional or private.

Well, do you find yourself in a food style?