Personality: This is what your favorite number reveals about your character

This is what your favorite number says about you

What’s your favorite number? One thing is certain: she reveals a lot about you.


Do you feel connected to a certain number because it accompanies you in your life? It’s not unusual. Your favorite number even says a lot about your character.

We are permanently surrounded by numbers: We read the time, celebrate birthdays or anniversaries – and look at our payroll. No wonder that great importance is attached to numbers, after all, they are an integral part of our lives.

1, 4 or 7? That tells your favorite number about you

For some people 13 is a red rag because they associate them with unhappiness. In terms of digits, number seven is a popular lucky number for many people. Which number we prefer reveals a lot about our personality. In the video you can see what exactly your favorite number says about you.

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