Personality: This reveals the profile picture about the character

Your WhatsApp profile picture reveals this about your character

The perfect snapshot or do you prefer something more professional? Which picture do you see in your WhatsApp profile?


A selfie, a photo with friends, a vacation picture or no profile photo at all? There are countless ways to present yourself on WhatsApp. Which one you choose reveals more about your personality than you probably think.

Messenger services have been a popular way to keep in touch with loved ones for years. But more and more people are also using WhatsApp & Co. for communication at work. So it’s no wonder that most users take special care to show themselves from the best side with their profile picture – and unconsciously reveal a lot about themselves in the process.

Profile picture: Mirror in the soul?

What most of us are not aware of: The type of photo reveals a lot more about the character than many people would suspect. Find out in the video how you can best decrypt the profile pictures.