Personality: What your eating habits reveal about your character

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This is what your eating habits reveal about you

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How does it look on your plate? The answer to this question can be very illuminating. Because your eating habits reveal a lot about your personality.

There are people who will finish eating your meal in minutes, and there are others who will take their time. But it’s not just the speed that differentiates the different types of food, the order and the way in which they empty your plate is also very meaningful. If you look closely, you will learn a lot about the person eating. Would you like to know what your eating habits reveal about your character? Here comes a typology of the eaters.

The ordinary ones

Does everything on your plate have to be in order? Do you hate it when the vegetables mix too much with the rice? If you care about these things in eating, you probably insist that things are done “right” in the rest of your life as well. And “right” in this case means exactly the way you want it. So you can be a little inflexible at times. At the same time, however, you are a loyal soul that friends and family can always rely on.

The mixer: inside

Before you start to eat, mix everything on your plate, because this is how it tastes best. You are open, flexible and talented in multitasking. However, there are times when you overdo yourself because you have a tendency to start all sorts of new projects and then give them up somewhere along the way.

The picky ones

Similar to the ordinary, you also pay close attention to what is where on your plate – but because you don’t like a lot of food and you can isolate it better that way. You are perfectionist and curious. You always want to know everything exactly! And of course we have a very detailed opinion on it.

Those who love details

Do you love it when the food in hip restaurants is so beautifully arranged in an instagrammable way? Then you are probably one of those aesthetic eaters who literally eat their way with the eyes. Planning and creative concepts are also your other strengths. Everything is very detailed – and very reliable. But sometimes you can no longer see the forest for the trees.

The impatient

When it comes to eating, one thing is particularly important to you: that it does not take up too much time. For you, meals are pure food intake to energize your body and mind. As efficiently and quickly as you are eating, you will probably be doing the rest of your life as well. You are always (over) punctual, manage every deadline and usually have everything in view. Sometimes it wouldn’t hurt to pause for a moment and just take a deep breath. A. The end. Not that difficult, is it?

The connoisseurs: inside

You take your time. This applies to food as well as to other things in life. Good things take time – that is your motto in all situations. For you, quality clearly comes before quantity. From time to time, however, it could happen that your partner is a little annoyed by how long everything takes with you.

The adventurous

“Doesn’t taste good” isn’t yours? You will probably try everything that comes across (literally) in the way of extraordinary dishes. Whether these are insects, chicken feet or other specialties that your companion would often not touch with a pair of pincers. The crazier, the more fun you are, you are spontaneous and willing to take risks. In everyday life you get bored quickly and are therefore always looking for a new adventure.

The smacking ones

If you like the food, the others can hear it too! You smack your lips, slurp and chew as loudly as you feel right. You enjoy the food with all your senses – and hardly pay any attention to your environment. Because you don’t care what other people think of you.

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