Personality: What your favorite snack reveals about your character

What your favorite snack says about your character

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Which snack do you like when you feel hungry? Your favorite snack says a lot about your personality.

Most of us like to snack in between – whether in front of the TV, at a party or stressed out in front of the computer. The tastes are as diverse as the range of snacks: from hearty delicacies such as chips to wine gum to sweet chocolate variations of all stripes, there is pretty much everything a foodie heart desires. And yet, many people with a sweet tooth have very clear favorites when the cravings overwhelms them. You too? We’ll tell you what your favorite snack reveals about your personality – you’ll be surprised!

The perfect chocolate temptation: brownies

Hard shell, soft core – this applies to brownies as well as to the people who like to eat the cakes. Fans of the chocolate treat are usually strong-willed and have a lot of assertiveness – but also a big heart for everyone who is close to them.

Always crispy: chips

Do you prefer it salty? If potato chips are your favorite snack, then you are probably very ambitious. Studies have shown that bosses often use these hearty snacks to counter cravings. But success also has its downsides: Chips fans are sometimes a little impatient and quickly frustrated when things don’t go as they imagine.

Chocoholic Part I: Dark chocolate

You love chocolate, but it has to be at least 70 percent cocoa? As a dark chocolate lover: in you are a true connoisseur. In addition, you are emotional, listen to your heart and have good intuition. You know exactly what you want and how to get it – and you like to take some time for that.

Chocoholic Part II: Whole Milk Chocolate

Chocolate is your absolute favorite candy – but it has to be really tender and creamy with a dash of milk! As a chocolate junkie you are a loyal soul, loving and always in a good mood. However, sometimes you can be a little tender – and a little gullible.

Always makes you happy: wine gum

You love to put wine gum in your bag! With classics like gummy bears and Co., you probably have very clear color favorites – after all, you won’t take every one: n (gummy bear: in). And in the rest of your life, too, you’re picky. You are skeptical about compromises, after all you have an exact idea of ​​what you want. And for that you are ready to do quite a bit.

Mexican treat: tortilla chips

Do you love hearty, tasty tortilla chips? Then you are probably very organized and prefer to plan everything down to the last detail. You can be very perfectionist – but at the same time you care very much about people. You hate injustice and like to stand up for a good cause.

Something very special: cupcakes

You like your sweets lovingly decorated – just perfectly styled. As style-conscious you are on your plate, you are also in other situations: You are a fashion expert: in and trendsetter: in. You are also always open to new ideas and like to try things out. However, sometimes you can be a little fickle.

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