Peter Gaymann: Cartoonist stops with Brigitte

Peter Gaymann was the creator of "Couple Problems" for 30 years. Now he stops.

Around 780 cartoons by Peter Gaymann have appeared in BRIGITTE since 1990. But what are numbers in this case? It's about a whole phase of life. When Peter Gaymann started drawing for us, he was still living in Rome with his wife and small children. Back then there were no e-mails, no data transfer – the drafts were simply sent by post. And almost nothing would have come of the cooperation. If a specially commissioned young man had not come to Hamburg with a portfolio full of drawings, and the then editor-in-chief Anne Volk had decided: We will do it!

The end of a long relationship

In the first year it was still about culinary topics, from 1991 it became the "couple problems". An inexhaustible topic, as the world of Gaymann himself is reflected in his loving cartoons: young family, divorce, blended family, elderly couple. Those who recognize themselves in their pictures like to tear them out and pin them on the refrigerator door. When Peter Gaymann was looking for an apartment in Cologne, he saw his works in some kitchens. Although his fans are more on the female side, some men around him complained: "I get calls every now and then: We men always come across as guys who just read the newspaper and don't understand anything." Self-irony is the key word, Gaymann explains.

BRIGITTE and Peter Gaymann, who turned 70 this summer, are now parting ways. The draftsman has enough new projects and ideas, for example his latest book "Typisch Corona" was published in June, in which he deals with the current daily madness with the usual light pen.

As he himself says in his last cartoon on page 171, it is the end of a long relationship. With the usual ups and downs. Because BRIGITTE and her cartoonist were not always one. "I could do a book with all of the drafts that were rejected," jokes Gaymann. Sometimes he and his team would have placed bets in his studio on which cartoons would arrive and how. Mostly he was wrong. Would have been too easy. Goodbye, dear Peter!

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