Peter Schneider made “Die Another Presseschau” for 30 years

We meet psychoanalyst Peter Schneider (63) in his practice in Zurich. He doesn’t lie down on the couch. Sitting in his armchair, he gives information about his sleeping habits and the farewell in the radio studio. After more than three decades, he put an end to his daily “Die Another Presseschau” on SRF. However, he is most concerned with the transgender community. He keeps coming back to it. And while he talks like that, at some point he’ll lie more in his chair than sit. Certainly a good sign for a psychoanalyst.

Blick: «Wave, wave, done», that’s how you said goodbye to your audience after 30 years. did it hurt?
Peter Schneider: No. I am not a circus horse that is sad when it can no longer perform its feat.