Peter Weck: He doesn't want to be called a legend

Peter Weck, who will soon be 90 years old, does not want to have anything to do with two things during his lifetime: the coronavirus and the term "legend".

Peter Weck (90) has spent almost his entire life in the spotlight. Whether as a member of the Vienna Boys' Choir, at the theater or from 1954 in front of and behind the cinema camera. In such an unprecedented way of life, the L-word usually flits quickly over the lips – L for legend. Weck, who celebrates his 90th birthday on August 12th, does not want to be titled with this term, as he revealed in an interview with "Bild am Sonntag". His understandable explanation: "As a legend you have to be dead. But I still love to live."

For the next few years he would like to finally allow himself more rest, because: "My life was always clocked. I don't want that anymore." The “Sissi” star and “I'm marrying a family” star pragmatically see whether he can crack 100. “I don't count on 100. I'll let it happen to me. Looking back, I can say that the last ten years have passed devilishly quickly. I don't want to see the next ten years that quickly. "

"With me every day is a birthday"

However, there is one thing he wants to avoid at all costs – becoming a victim of the coronavirus: "It would be a shame if it hit me at this phase of my life." He would therefore forego some planned trips for the time being.

Likewise to a big party on the occasion of his 90th birthday, regardless of the pandemic. A cozy meal with the family, that's it. The refreshing explanation of the non-legend: "For me, every day is a birthday because I wake up again and again. There are as many lies on birthdays as at funerals. If you like each other, you can meet like that. I don't want to celebrate to let."