Peugeot Cycles launches a new range of connected bicycles

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( — Peugeot Cycles continues to innovate by launching a whole new range of connected electrically assisted bicycles, intended for families and professionals alike.

At the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024, Peugeot Cycles will expand its range of electrically assisted bicycles with several new innovative models benefiting from the best connected technologies. These, through a new dedicated smartphone application, offer users when it is launched, among other things, adaptive electric assistance, an anti-theft system, an alarm, geolocation of the bike, real-time navigation, weather forecast at destination, route statistics…

Peugeot Cycles will launch this range of connected electric bikes in three new universes: city bike (Digital e-Bike); “longtail” type cargo bike (Digital e-Longtail), bike with an elongated rear; “bi-carrier” type cargo bike (Digital e-Front Load), a bicycle with an extended front wheelbase.

The new range of cargo bikes strengthens Peugeot Cycles’ electric mobility offer to meet the growing needs of customers. These three new universes of connected electric bikes address B2C and B2B targets. They will be designed and manufactured by the start-up Beweel.

The entire extended Peugeot Cycles range will be available from the main dealer networks of Cycleurope Industries. Beweel will market the 3 new universes of connected bicycles through its own distribution channels.


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