Pfizer, AstraZeneca … What are the side effects of vaccines?

In France, more than 400,000 injections are performed daily despite the delay of Johnson & Johnson and the doubts of the French towards AstraZeneca. On this point, the ANSM gives an overview of the undesirable effects detected and their seriousness or not.

Vaccination is still the subject of much debate in society. And what about the news about side effects specific to each dose injected? In a press release, republished on April 16, 2021, National Medicines Agency (ANSM) updates its pharmacovigilance survey in real time to “monitor the safety profile of vaccines available in France based on statements made by health professionals, people vaccinated or their entourage.” Remember that undesirable effects are “a harmful and unwanted reaction, occurring at dosages normally used in humans for the prophylaxis, diagnosis or treatment of disease or modification of physiological function”, according to‘World Health Organization.

AstraZeneca vaccine

The famous AstraZenaca, administered in France since February 6, 2021, is the most controversial vaccine, suspended for a while and then re-authorized. According to the ANSM, from February 6, 2021 to April 1, 2021, 9,336 cases of adverse effects have been reported by the Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers (CRPV) reporters (Amiens and Rouen) since the start of vaccination. “The vast majority of these cases concern flu-like syndromes, often of high intensity (high fever, body aches, headaches), can we read. More than 2,454,000 injections were performed on April 1, 2021. No new cases of thrombosis of the large veins of atypical localization associated with thrombocytopenia and / or coagulation disorders were reported during this period (there are 12 cases in total since the start of vaccination, including 4 deaths). ” The European Medicines Agency (EMA) for its part estimated that the benefit-risk ratio of the vaccine remains positive in the prevention of the coronavirus.

Pfizer vaccine

For the Pfizer vaccine, the health organization explains that “Since the start of vaccination, 13,485 cases of adverse effects have been analyzed by the CRPV reporters (Bordeaux and Marseille). More than 8,513,000 injections have been carried out on April 1, 2021. The majority of adverse effects are expected and not serious. ” On the Thromboembolic events, a case of cerebral venous thrombosis, without thrombocytopenia, occurred more than one month after the second injection in an octogenarian person with underlying risk factors. “This case of thrombosis presents a clinical picture different from those observed with the Vaxzevria vaccine from AstraZeneca and does not show, like all the thromboembolic events reported with Comirnaty, any particular specificity in favor of a role of the vaccine”, adds the report.

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Moderna vaccine

With Moderna, 730 cases of adverse effects were listed by the CRPV reporters (Lille and Besançon). And it is more than 801,000 injections which were carried out on April 1, 2021. “A large number of cases concern delayed local reactions that are not serious”, announces the ANSM. As indicated in the injection site leaflet, the most common side effects are:

  • tired
  • Swelling at the injection site
  • headache
  • myalgia and arthralgia
  • nausea / vomiting
  • chills, fever

If there are side effects, keep informed your doctor, pharmacist or nurse, but they often go away within a few days. Those that are more intense may last longer or appear later after vaccination.

At present, according to clinical studies, the two vaccines Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna are the best performing against Covid-19 with an efficacy of 95% for one and 94.1% for the other.

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