PhemexPulse: Is the Web3 revolution coming now?

Ben Armstrong is shaking up the crypto world. By inviting 100 followers to join his PhemexPulse group, the crypto influencer is causing a stir – and exponential growth. Ben Armstrong’s (Bitboy) lucky followers were able to become part of the influencer’s PhemexPulse group via social media and get up to a maximum of 3 subscriptions for $1 PT each. Due to their limited availability and the active engagement of the community on the platform, the value of Ordinals has increased by 7296%.

PhemexPulse enables Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to shine in what they do best – leading and retaining their audience, removing boundaries within their community. This is revolutionizing the way time spent online can be converted into tangible benefits.

Monetizing your reach will now be a breeze. By building your group and attracting followers through top-notch content and trading tips, all participants can unlock daily PT rewards.

This establishes itself Phemex as a trusted crypto exchange that plays a crucial role in creating crypto communities from now on. With exactly this goal in mind, the exchange is now preparing to introduce the new social trading function. This is called PhemexPulse and is deeply integrated into the exchange’s Web 3.0 ecosystem. It offers attractive rewards to convert social interactions into crypto rewards.

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PhemexPulse: This is how the Web3 revolution works for influencers and users

Figures like Ben Armstrong decided to list their ordinals on PhemexPulse. As part of his groups, buyers have the opportunity to trade and collect these unique assets. This is how you make profits, grow alongside your most popular influencers, and enter a marketplace that is on the verge of explosive growth.

As a follower, you can join groups to promote connection and engagement. All you have to do is write a simple message within the group, trade or recommend a friend. You can share the excitement with your favorite influencers while collecting points to win a prize pool of 9,000 PT.

Forecasts indicate an astonishing increase in activity across Ben Armstrong’s and many other Inscriptions groups, providing an unparalleled growth opportunity. So be one of the first, seize the chance and seize the opportunity to grow alongside the giants of the crypto world on PhemexPulse.

For active social media enthusiasts, whether KOLs or followers, PhemexPulse turns time spent online into $PT earnings. Followers are invited to join their favorite influencers’ groups, share in the excitement, and unlock PT rewards based on their accumulated points. The whole thing works on a first come, first served basis.

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Phemex offers rewards through a sophisticated points system

All users earn…

  • 50 points for sending a single message,
  • 10 points for $10,000 in spot trading volume and 10 points for referring another user, with a maximum of 10 referrals per day.
  • In addition, Phemex awards 20 additional points daily for trading on the platform.

With the chance to earn 1 point for every 100,000 traded and a daily limit of 100 points, you can earn up to 270 points per day.

Additionally, Phemex is introducing Raffle Fuel points that can be earned through…

  • advanced KYC verification,
  • ownership of $PSP, $PT and $vePT as well
  • Net deposits on Phemex (total deposits minus all withdrawals)

can be purchased starting March 1st and increase your chances of getting larger amounts of $PT. While Raffle Fuel resets daily, reward points will remain until redeemed.

Since there are three daily withdrawal options from the 9,000 PT prize pool, regular engagement every day can result in triple winnings.

Your winnings from Reward Points and Raffle Fuel are calculated fairly:

(My Points x Raffle) / Total (Points x Raffle in Pool)

Make crypto trading fun again through a dynamic community. Show your support and connect with your favorite influencers on PhemexPulse by purchasing their Inscriptions. These represent a strong connection and shared commitment between the group leaders and their community. Possession of their Inscription is a sign of unity and respect for their expert guidance.

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For more information visit the Phemex Brandhub

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