Philippe Bouvard: 200 cars, 3 villas, 3 swimming pools… revelations about his pace of life beyond his means

Philippe Bouvard laid bare this Thursday, October 6 in the latest issue of Parisian. The flagship animator of Big heads on RTL, a program he presented from 1977 to 2014 before being replaced by Laurent Ruquier, gave his news, he who despite this departure and his 92 years is not therefore retired since he is returning on the front of the stage with a work entitled The little world of Don Bouvardo. “I don’t like the word retirement” he said in particular. But this interview was also an opportunity for him to confide in his relationship to money.

In particular, he showed lucidity by evoking his ease in spending large sums, without having the means to do so. An attitude that stems in particular from his arrogance, as he confided to the regional daily: “I have still been very pretentious in my life. I thought I was the navel of the world. I was making a lot of money but still managing to live beyond my means. I had 200 cars, three villas with three swimming pools when I don’t even know how to swimr“, he conceded. And to add: “If I had to talk about my life with the critical spirit that I reserve for others, I would not be tender.”

A way to treat yourself to your last emotions

The one who had been affected by Covid-19 last year also revealed that his passion for casinos was still relevant. “When I’m in Cannes, I happen to go there every night. It’s a way to treat yourself to your last emotions“, he admitted, he who has always been fascinated by death. Has he calmed down with age? “No. Simply, I know the biggest is done“, he confided. He also specified that he would like “die of laughter” but “there aren’t enough comics for that“.

This interview was also an opportunity for him to come back to his falling out with Olivier de Kersauson, and to address a small tackle to his successor at RTL Laurent Ruquier. “He was not nice to me during the very brief period when, first thrown out by RTL (in 2000), I sought refuge at Europe 1. There he presented the competing program Les Grosses Têtes. He could have welcomed me with open arms and he was unpleasant by having all my interventions cut off”, he said, which at least has the merit of being clear…

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