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Since the start of the health crisis due to the coronavirus, the situation of restaurant owners in France has been of the most concern. After a first closure in spring 2020 because of the first confinement, they had been forced to lower the curtain of their businesses a second time at the end of October 2020 which, since then, have remained hopelessly empty. On March 31, 2021, Emmanuel Macron announced, however, during his televised address, the start of the reopening of food establishments from mid-May. A ray of hope for all catering professionals, at a time when the controversy over dinners and other illegal restaurants continues to swell. Saturday April 17, chef Philippe Etchebest was the guest of Laurent Ruquier in the show We are live on France 2. He obviously broached the subject of the health crisis, but he also delivered a surprising anecdote.

“I thought it was a joke” : Philippe Etchebest remembers the day Bruno Le Maire called him

As a media chef, known for his many culinary shows, Philippe Etchebest made himself the spokesperson for restaurateurs and, on this occasion, Laurent Ruquier asked him if he was “in conjunction with President Macron”. The cook’s response was straightforward: “No, I have no privileged contact with the government”. However, Philippe Etchebest admitted to having participated in a Zoom meeting on the subject of restaurants: “I try to get them when I have to have them. But not the President, be careful.” However, the juror of Top chef had the privilege of discussing with Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery. Except that, as Laurent Ruquier revealed, Philippe Etchebest first believed… in a hoax! “I thought it was a joke “, remembered the chef, visibly embarrassed by his blunder. And to continue: “We exchanged, we discussed”. Tease, Laurent Ruquier then launched: “And after a while you realized that it was really him. After two minutes of being really boring, you thought it was him.” A little spade that amused all the guests on the set.

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