Philippe Lacheau with Elodie Fontan for a chic evening: he finds his ex Reem Kherici, with her husband

Before knowing Elodie Fontan and starting a romance with the actress, Philippe Lacheau, pillar of La Bande à Fifi, shared the life of Reem Kherici, also a member of the troupe. The exes got together in 2004 and have worked together on several occasions. But unlike others, their breakup was not a brake on their friendship. Despite their separation, Reem Kherici and Philippe Lacheau remained on very good terms. Evidenced by the films they have shot together since and their always warm reunion with their respective partners.

This Monday, November 14, several personalities, including a large part of La Bande à Fifi precisely, went to La Samaritaine, in the heart of Paris, for a charity evening organized by the watch brand Breitling. The goal ? Collect funds to help the association Premiers de cordée, promoting the practice of sport among sick, hospitalized and disabled children. This evening, Julien Arruti and his darling Aurélie as well as Philippe Lacheau and his companion Elodie Fontan attended. They thus met Reem Kherici and her husband Gilles Lemaire and even took several photos side by side and all smiles during the event.

Reem and Philippe, friends for life

If Reem Kherici and Philippe Lacheau get along so well, it’s because benevolence has always been part of their relationship, together or not. Reem Kherici has also confided on several occasions on how they had managed their breakup and kept the ties unbreakable. “I start from the principle that, when we loved a person, that we have memories, that there was no deception, getting angry is violent. So it’s true that I remain very close to Philippe or other exes. I love them deeply“, she shared in an interview with our colleagues from Closer in 2017.

In “good friend“, Reem Kherici has therefore remained close to Philippe Lacheau, even if both have rebuilt their lives. The actress married actor Gilles Lemaire, with whom she had a little boy in June 2019. The same year, Philippe Lacheau, in a relationship with Elodie Fontan since 2015, has also become a father for the first time of a boy named Raphaël.Pages therefore turned in the greatest happiness.

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