Philips Hue: How to create shortcuts and widgets on the iPhone


To operate the smart lamps from Philips Hue even more conveniently, you can create shortcuts and widgets on your iPhone. Netzwelt explains exactly how this works.

Once you have equipped your home with the smart lights, bulbs and LED strips from Philips Hue, you can control the intelligent light orchestra in many different ways:

Some mainly use ordinary light switches, others the haptic smart switches from Philips Hue. However, the lamps can also be controlled without classic or contemporary light switches – whether via the Amazon voice assistant Alexa or shortcuts on the smartphone.

Netzwelt explains step by step how you can create the shortcuts and practical widgets for lamps from Philips Hue on your iPhone.

Did you know that you can also automate the Philips Hue lights? In another tutorial, we’ll show you how the light turns off automatically when you leave the room.

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