Philips Hue: tailor-made starter kits to get started in connected lighting without (too) breaking the bank

Starter kits have so far made it possible to buy Philips Hue bulbs with a bridge and, for some, an additional accessory without paying a high price. The formula is now evolving to integrate other lighting systems: lamps, ceiling lights, spotlights, strips… It is also becoming customizable. Rather than imposing its choices, Philips lets buyers compose their kit according to their needs. Only the Hue bridge is imposed, it is also the one that triggers the 25% discount on the tailor-made starter kit when it is added to the basket.

25% discount for the purchase of lights with a bridge

While not required with most Hue lights, the bridge allows scenarios to be created with multiple lights and/or accessories, in addition to unlocking voice control with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. It is therefore always an interesting element to own, whatever the lighting (or lighting) chosen (s). Several can indeed be selected in the composition of a starter kit and the buyer has the possibility of adding an additional accessory, such as a remote control or a motion detector.

With some spotlights and ceiling lights sold for more than €300, this starter kit creation service is therefore very interesting. However, it requires going through the official Philips online store, and does not seem destined to stay. The manufacturer indicates that the 25% discount, which makes all the interest of these tailor-made starter kits, will end on March 31, 2022 at midnight. To see if he plans a lower discount thereafter, or if he will simply not offer any more.

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